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How to Get Featured on Podcasts

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How to Get Featured on Podcasts

How to Get Featured on Podcasts

A solo episode from Steph’s Facebook lives with top tips about snagging guest spots on podcasts and the benefits to you.

Covered in this episode…

  • Why you’re a good fit – no form letters
  • What to offer their audience – freebie, coupon code, etcBio
  • Bio, photo, title, and social links all in one placeMake
  • Make sure your messaging is clear and have something clear to promote.
  • Make sure you have a foundation in place to support to accept people onto your list.
  • Find podcasters on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and write a review and take a screenshot and share it with them as a fan.
  • Follow up by saying you’d love to be a guest and ask
  • Shoot for new podcasts, friends podcasts and get some practice before going for the top or most popular and you’ll get your story straight.

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