Here are some of my favorite tools, plug-ins, courses, and things that make my life and business easier. Many of these make projects run smoothly or help me develop as a human being.

My goal in putting these together is to help you find some shortucts yourself. I'm a course junkie and tool enthusiast who reads a ton of business and self development or spiritual books, and I know how much personal time it can take to find the right tools and resources for your business. Hopefully one of these categories fulfills what you're looking for.

If you're looking for something related to social media, video marketing, online business development, or Facebook advertising and you don't see something here, reach out to me directly. Chances are I have experience with a tool or resource that can save you time. Try me at steph at stephaniroberts.com

  • Leadpages
  • Blue Host I've been with Blue Host for 22 years straight!
    I joke that it's the longest term relationship I've ever had. True! And they've been there for me through thick and then. Always ready to help me with a website challenge, wordpress issue, setting up a Woo Commerce store, activating Stripe, moving domains, you name it. They've been there to help me.Yes, I'm a techy chick but it's always been great to know they have my back and will walk me through when I'm stuck. I've learned a ton from them over the years and honestly never ever considered switching to another host. I have no fewer than 12 domains hosted there!


TubeBuddy - the best tool to help you grow your youTube channel and truly understand how you and others are monetizing. I LOVE this tool!!

eCamm Live - This is such a bargain! Of all the the FB Live tools this one is the easiest, most robust, and least expensive to use. For just $29 ONE time you get a ton:

- Ability to go live from FB or YouTube
- Ability to show pre-recorded video
- Ability to add graphics and still image overlays
- Ability to share your screen
- Ability to show your face while sharing your screen
- Ability to have a guest with the Skype Recorder version

Animoto - Animoto is hands down THE best slide and marketing video creation tool for people who want simple templates that are elegant, flexible, and look professional.

This tool is available online as well as on your phone and makes it so easy to create video and it's affordable! Given the ROI for marketing and promo videos, you really can't go wrong investing in this tool. Use it once a month and it will pay for itself.